Prepare Yourself For a Career in Piano Technology

The mission of The Chicago School for Piano Technology is to foster the next generations of piano technicians by providing complete foundation skills for those aspiring to enter into the life-long task of mastering all of the aural and technical aspects of the acoustic piano as a whole instrument, in order to serve the needs of the entire musical community--performers, music lovers, and those who love the piano for its intrinsic value as part of the arts culture.


The piano is a marvelous and intricate musical instrument, designed to be transparent to the player for the creation of music and joy. The piano technician's job is to ensure that the piano is maintained in a condition such that performers find no obstacle to their endeavor, nor listeners any obstacle to their enjoyment. This can only be begun with a year or two of intensive hands-on instruction. Therefore, we teach the basic and advanced hands-on skills every piano technician should have in order to hear, feel, diagnose, and find solutions to the obstacles that occur in the piano. In addition, the course of instruction will provide the student with the ability to carry on their own business as a technician/tuner, or to begin the process of becoming proficient in full rebuilding and restoration, or, as well, to work on the concert stage or in institutional settings.

Piano Tuner or Piano Technician?

It is our belief that one cannot realistically be just a piano tuner. The modern piano has over 12,000 parts, most of which are wood, felt, leather, paper, and some bits of metal. It is a wholly organic instrument, with all of the parts unified in order for it to work properly. We believe that it is a fundamental service to our clients and to the musical community of players and listeners not only to have the aural and technical expertise necessary to address the varied parts of the whole instrument, but also to have the developed sense to know both our limits and the limits of any given piano. The aim of The Chicago School for Piano Technology is to create the "whole" technician with as few limits as possible.














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